Few-shot Classification via Ensemble Learning with Multi-Order Statistics


Transfer learning has been widely adopted for few-shot classification. Recent studies reveal that obtaining good generalization representation of images on novel classes is the key to improving the few-shot classification accuracy. To address this need, we prove theoretically that leveraging ensemble learning on the base classes can correspondingly reduce the true error in the novel classes. Following this principle, a novel method named Ensemble Learning with Multi-Order Statistics (ELMOS) is proposed in this paper. In this method, after the backbone network, we use multiple branches to create the individual learners in the ensemble learning, with the goal to reduce the storage cost. We then introduce different order statistics pooling in each branch to increase the diversity of the individual learners. The learners are optimized with supervised losses during the pre-training phase. After pre-training, features from different branches are concatenated for classifier evaluation. Extensive experiments demonstrate that each branch can complement the others and our method can produce a state-of-the-art performance on multiple few-shot classification benchmark datasets.

In IJCAI-23 (oral) [arxiv]
Delong Chen
Delong Chen
PhD Student

PhD Student at HKUST